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Transport Service

We orchestrated a brand visual representation and mockups that reflect the swift and efficient ethos of the transport company. The design beautifully captures the essence of speed and reliability.

The problem statement

An employee working from home have to attend numerous meetings and a fast delivery to meet, leading to constant stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Continuing this lifestyle for the long term can have a critical impact on overall health.

Project Goals

To create an application that helps build & track healthy habit

Encourage / motivate users to take action

Create awareness about unhealthy lifestlyle

Possible Solutions

Based on the all the information collected through research and findings, I figured that an application will require following functionality to promote a healthy lifestyle

Provide users the ability to control / edit and track their progress

Based on insights give them flexibility to reschedule the tasks (have a cheat day)

Inform them about healthy habits and show them a guided path towards building that habit

Content Section – health & WFH related blogs , videos, success stories, guides, etc

Introduce gamification & incentives on completing daily, weekly tasks or challenges to keep them engaged & motivated

Send reminders & daily notification to keep users aware of their upcoming tasks

Allow users to connect with their peers, to communicate or challenge them in building a habit or completing a task

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